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kickstarter update #2!! 50% of the way there!

Hey guys!!

I’m so excited cuz we’re up to $2,740 out of my $5,000 goal. More than 50% of the way there! THIS IS SO COOL. We have 15 days to go and $2,260 to go. We can do this! Come spread the word to all your friends. :)


Go under “Updates” and check out my most recent video update! Me being awkward. :)

So much love to all my supporters!!


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Hey there,

Guys, I’m FINALLY gearing up to make a record. It’s been a while of trying to find the right people to do it, and to find the right studio and to arrange all the logistics and all that, but I will be recording with my band this august in a beautiful studio in Woodstock!! Woohoo!

And! Most importantly, in order to raise money for this inordinately expensive endeavor, I’m using the amazing platform of kickstarter.com to help me get some seed money. If you donate you get some pretty sweet prizes in return!!

Go here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/557032187/sara-lewis-first-full-length-album

And give whatever you can!

Thanks guys!


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